Aged Metallic/Translucent Burgundy Slippers 

My newest sequin test style is based on the sequins on the pair of slippers recovered by the FBI a few years ago.  The sequins on that pair sustained quite a bit of damage while they were missing.  The pair retained a lot of their metallic appearance in 2005, but during the time they were missing, the red layer over the silver began to flake, leaving much of the silver coloring visible when light hits the sequin.  The back side of the sequin, the matte side, still retains most of the red coloring, which results in the sequin still looking mostly red when light is not directly hitting the silver. 

These sequins are sold as "aged" by the manufacturer, but still appear mostly metallic while light is hitting the sequin.  The front of the sequin has silver colored aluminum that is covered by a deep red/burgundy dye.  I have found a way to remove a lot of the red coloring from the front of the sequin, resulting in the same silver colored appearance to many of the sequins when they are being directly hit with light.  The front of the sequins also have a somewhat translucent appearance when light is not hitting them directly, which allows for the threads to show under many of the sequins.  The back of the sequin is a translucent deep red, allowing any flipped sequins to appear the same way that the Shaw pair's flipped sequins look.

These have become my favorite sequins, and when I make a pair for myself, this is what I'd like to use.  The final look is very similar to antique gelatin sequins I have on a purse from the 1920's, and the sequins look very close to the Shaw pair as photographed by the FBI.