I will be accepting one commission for late 2022.  I have had a size 6 shoe last custom made, and most likely the late 2022 pair will be made on this set of lasts.  The shape is identical to my size 5, although the shoe is slightly longer, which makes the arch slightly longer as well.  Any of the styles shown are available.  Each pair of slippers are created on custom made base shoes that are built on custom made shoe lasts.  Custom made rhinestones, bugle beads, glass jewels are used, and sequins on my aged styles are also custom made and then modified.  I only ship my slippers to US addresses.  All slippers are for display only and cannot be worn.

A $500 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of the commission signup as this is what it costs for me to have a pair of base shoes made.  The remaining balance is due upon completion.  Payments accepted are Zelle, check, or money order.


Contact me for more information.

Aged Metallic/Translucent

A red/burgundy custom made sequin that comes pre-aged.  The sequins are partially metallic and partially translucent, with more metallic being visible when lit.  Extra aging is added to remove a lot of the coloring and allow for the silver colored sequin base to show through.

Replica Ruby Slippers by Randy Struthers.jpg

Aged Translucent

A red/burgundy custom made translucent sequin that I age using several methods.  These sequins have no metallic to them.  Aging is added to mimic the speckling visible on the original slippers in certain lighting.

Ruby Red Slippers by Randy Struthers.jpg

New Metallic

Red metallic sequins as the slipper appear on screen.  No aging is added to this type of sequin.