Commission Information

I am fully booked for commissions for 2020 and 2021.  If I have extra time I will be making a pair or two for eBay.

Note that all styles are DISPLAY replicas only and are not suitable for wearing.

My shoes feature:

*Custom made size 5C white silk faille base shoes, hand crafted on custom made wooden shoe lasts that were specially designed to recreate the unusual shape of the Innes Shoe Company shoes used to make the slippers.  
*Custom made sequins, color matched to specific vintage sequin colors.
*Custom made Art Deco shoe heels.
*Vintage steel shoe shanks

*Heat embossed metallic Innes Shoe Company label.
*Custom made Art Deco bow jewels, and micro-thin bow bugle beads.

*Replica manufacturer's numbers
*Judy Garland's name on the lining

*Hand dyed silks for the overlay and bow fabrics.

All sequin pairs require a $500.00 non-refundable deposit because this is the amount I have to pay to have a pair of base shoes made.  The deposit is due at the time you sign up for your commission.  Unfortunately I am unable to add your name to the commission list without the deposit, as I have had people back out of the transaction after I paid to have their base shoes made.  Photos of the newest style base shoes are below.  This final revision allows for a more tapered toe, while also having the longest and highest arches possible on a shoe with such a small heel.


I no longer accept partial payments for pairs, so please plan to pay the remaining balance any time before the completion of the shoes.  Each pair requires approximately two to three months of work from the time I receive the base shoes.  


Insured shipping is included in the price for buyers located in the continental United States.  I do not ship shoes outside of the US.  

Production times listed are from the time I receive the base shoes, not from the time you pay your deposit.

You will receive a PayPal invoice for the $500 deposit when I receive your commission submission.  The remaining amount due will be invoiced to you if it has not been paid before the shoes are completed.  

Aged Burgundy Translucent

Replica slippers as the shoes appear today, 80 years after their creation.  Custom colored sequins are given several treatments to make them appear old and flaked like antique gelatin sequins.  These are the closest replicas you will find anywhere to how the shoes look in person today.  The photos of this pair were very brightly lit, and in person the shoes are normally a burgundy color.

3 month production time.

$2,500.00 including $500.00 deposit.

Deep Red Metallic

Replica slippers as the pairs originally looked.  Custom made deep red sequins with hints of pink and purple give the most authentic "new" look possible.  These sequins were created specifically for me, matching the color formula for deep red sequins created in the 1930's. 

3 month production time.

$2,500.00 including $500.00 deposit.

Aged Silver Metallic

Replica slippers as they could have looked if MGM hadn't changed the shoes from silver to ruby.  Modern made aged metallic silver sequins, vintage rectangular clear stones, extra thin bugle beads, and vintage rhinestones.

3 month production time.

$2,500.00 including $500.00 deposit.