I have been contacted by a number of people to inquire about commissions.  While I currently have no plans to accept commissions, as I do not want my projects to feel like an obligation instead of a hobby, I do plan to create a few pairs of slippers that I will not end up keeping.  Initially I was considering donating these pairs to museums, however, I may end up offering them to the public.

At this time, I have supplies on hand to create the following types of slippers:

Extreme aged metallic burgundy:

This style custom made sequin will most closely resemble the recovered Michael Shaw pair as photographed by the FBI.  The sequins are transparent on the back side with a layer of aluminum on the front, and the entire sequin has been dyed a deep burgundy color.  Once sewn, I will remove much of the burgundy coloring on the front of the sequin, revealing much of the silver colored aluminum underneath.  This will mimic the look of the Shaw pair's sequins, which aged a lot during the time the pair was missing.  Qty: 1 pair.  $3,000.00

Cherry red metallic:

This is a custom colored sequin that I had made.  The coloring was duplicated from a rare 1930's deep red sequined flower, which was sent to France to be analyzed and copied.  The end result is a beautiful sequin that flashes more pinks and purples back than a standard red sequin, which usually reflects back as orange.  Qty: 1 pair.  $2,500.00

Standard metallic red:

These are non-custom made sequins in a standard red color.  I have a lot of these sequins on hand that I've rarely used.  They provide for a more "screen accurate" look, as opposed to how the shoes most likely looked in person when they were new.  Qty: 6 pairs. $2,500.00

Aged translucent burgundy:

These are my bailiwick.  The coloring of these sequins comes from photos I took during two behind-the-scenes viewings of the Smithsonian's pair of slippers.  I have developed my own aging process to apply to them, which results in the sequins looking like aged sequins from the 1930's.  Qty: 2 pairs.  $2,500.00

Bugle beaded:

I was able to enlarge photos of the bugle bead pair on set, and was surprised to learn that they appear to have an ornate rhinestone pattern to them, as opposed to being covered in just bugle beads.  The pattern looks somewhat similar to the Arabian Test Shoes, and so I have designed a pair that incorporates both glass bugle beads, and the same stones used on the Arabian slippers (4mm rose montees, 8mm honeycomb buttons, and 8mm shield shaped montees).  The Arabian style stones are something I had created in 2020 for the purpose of making my own bugle beaded pair, but I have enough to do a 2nd pair of bugle bead shoes.  This style will take at least 4 times as long to create than a standard sequined pair.  I do not plan to offer additional pairs of this style beyond the pair I make for myself and possibly one offered for public sale.  Qty: 1 pair.  $6,000.00


All of the style pairs ​include supplies that I have curated over the last 10+ years, including custom made base shoes, custom Art Deco shoe heels, vintage or vintage reproduction glass jewels, custom made micro-thin bugle beads, and vintage or vintage reproduction rose montee rhinestones.  All pairs are hand sewn in the exact manner the originals were, and feature the most authentic components that can be included based on what information is today.  For example, did you know that there was actually no leather used to make the original slipper bows?  It's true.  The curators at the Smithsonian were surprised to learn that the stiff bow material is actually fabric, and not leather as was reported by Eddie Fisher in Rhys Thomas' book "The Ruby Slippers of Oz."

While I can't guarantee that anyone and everyone who expresses an interest in these shoes will get a pair, I will be happy to keep a running list of interested parties to contact if and when I am willing to create a pair for sale.  If a pair is available, a non-refundable $500.00 deposit is required as that is the amount it takes to have a pair of base shoes created by my shoemaker.


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