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Other Interests

While the shoes are my main passion, I also have minor interests in Glinda's wand and Jeannie's bottle.

I was lucky enough to find what is believed to be the only surviving Glinda wand back in 2017. After a trip to California to authenticate it, I was able to fly back out 9 months later and purchase it from the previous owner. The wand is not one seen in the final film, although the bottom piece of the wand may have been one of the screen used pieces - there really is no way to tell. The star shaped top of the wand was encrusted with clear chaton style rhinestones. It is believed this wand was used as either a costume test wand, or one made specifically for use in black and white photos. Only one photograph of it is known to exist, which Billie Burke had taken after filming was done for use on her Christmas card. In 2024, someone noticed that a star topped wand was also visible in the background of the film Ziegfeld Girl, and I believe the wand in the film was the same one I purchased. 

The wand was exhibited in the Smithsonian National Museum of American History for a year. Owning the wand long term was not something my salary allowed for, so it ended up being sold at auction in 2019.

Jeannie's bottle has always been my other interest, going as far back as my interest in the slippers. I can remember my aunt babysitting me when I was 3 or 4 years old and my mom telling her to make sure I was able to watch I Dream of Jeannie, otherwise I would most likely act up. 

The second season bottle design has always been the one that fascinated me, but I don't have the painting skills to reproduce one myself. I have painted a few first season gold vines bottles in the past, but have always left my purple style bottle replicas to the professionals.

A few years ago I was in contact with Barbara Eden's husband in regards to her donating the bottle to the Smithsonain, which had never happened. I'm happy to say that I played a small part in getting the ball rolling for the donation to occur. I was able to see the bottle in storage at the museum in 2023, and it went on exhibit in 2024 for all to enjoy.

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