**Please note that you are only buying sequins. Any swatches or sequined shoes shown in the listing are not included in the sale, and are only provided to give a better idea of how the sequins look when sewn down.**

I discovered that its very hard to find these high quality French sequins for sale in the United States, so I've imported a few hanks. I am offering them at what they cost me when factoring in the price of the sequins, shipping from France, and customs fees.

These sequins are of the highest quality available in the world, and are significantly better quality than sequins from China or India - as sequins made in those countries are often mass produced with questionable quality control. I've used sequins from both and the colors are often not colorfast, or there are sequins missing color or there are extra bits of plastic attached to the sequins. Sizing is 5mm.  Listing is 1 full hank (10 strands) of approximately 10,000 sequins.

Sequins - Metallic Red - 5mm - Hank of 10,000

  • Items in my shop are not returnable as I make an effort to describe them as accurately as possible alongside detailed photos.