I have been informed by my supplier that these stones have long been discontinued and they are now into their final supply. This means the supply of these are very limited and I'm not sure if and when I will ever be able to restock once these are sold.

These silver stones measure 12x8mm. These are vintage, silver foil backed (and sealed with gold paint), molded glass jewels with facets and 2 holes for sewing. T  Made in Western Germany or the Czech Republic.

The exact production time is unknown on these, but estimated to be somewhere between 1970-1990. The pricing on these tends to vary depending on how many usable stones I receive each time I restock, so the price may fluctuate from what you see today.


Listing is for 6 vintage stones.

Art Deco Stones - Silver - Foil Backed - Set of 6

  • Items in my shop are not returnable as I make an effort to describe them as accurately as possible alongside detailed photos.