Plexiglass sew on stones for Return to Oz style ruby slipper bows. These measure 25x18mm. My distributor describes them as high quality plastic stones that were made in Europe. During my supply buying phase of making my RTO slippers, I purchased 5 different sizes and colors of rhinestones, and these are nearly identical to a set of Chinese made stones I purchased, with the exception that these do not have bits of extra plastic hanging off of them. I was much more impressed with the quality of these European made jewels.

The coloring as described by the manufacturer is "Light Siam," however, I would describe the color as being between light Siam and Siam ruby. In certain lighting the stones have an orangeish flare, like a light Siam stone would, but in other lighting they have the deep Siam ruby color. I am using these on both Light Siam and Siam rhinestone covered Return to Oz slippers. I tried to post photos showing both of these colors.

These are the closest stones I could find to the ones used on the Return to Oz slippers.

The finished shoes are not included in the sale price and are only shown to illustrate how the stones will look on the finished product.

Price is for two plexiglass jewels.

Bow Center Stones for Return to Oz Ruby Slippers - Set of 2

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