After searching for beads this thin for over a decade, I finally broke down and had them custom made. They measure approximately 4mm long and are considerably thinner than standard width bugle beads. The coloring is a deep garnet red with silver lining to give the beads a metallic effect.

I realize these are expensive - but the entire order cost me $3,600, AND took 6 months to have produced in the Czech Republic. I am offering very limited quantities of these for sale and will be reserving most for work on my shoes.

You will need a very thin beading needle to work with these. I'd recommend a size 13 needle, but occasionally a bead or two will not fit over this size either. Anything larger will most likely crack the delicate glass.

Quantity included is a full small bag of beads, enough to do several pairs of bows.


Custom Made Extra Thin Bugle Beads - Size 2

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