SS12 / 3mm "New Red." A more vintage style cut that had to be custom molded for me. The cut is an 8 cut rose, the same style used from the 1920's until the 1950's. ***You will need a lot of patience to work with these, as many of the stones are difficult to sew down because of how the channels were pressed in the mold. These may be better for gluing onto bows if you don't have the patience to sew them down. You will also need a very thin beading needle for them.  Becuase they are so difficult to sew, you may actually want to remove the stone from the setting, sew the setting into place, and then place the stone back in.

Keep in mind the photos are magnified quite a bit, and these are very small rose montees.

Quantity: approximately 100 loose rose montee rhinestones,

Rhinestone Rose Montees - 12ss/3mm - New Red - Vintage Reproduction

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