High quality plastic reproductions of a set of 1936 wooden shoe lasts from my collection. The wooden lasts were size 6A, but I wanted them in size 5B for my slipper making ventures, so I sent the original lasts to a company to be copied and resized. The result was the lasts that are for sale in this listing, which are an identical match to the original wooden lasts - just slightly shorter and wider. The heel height for this specific set of lasts is probably around 2.75".

A few pairs of shoes have been made on these lasts, so they have been used about 3 times each. There are tack holes on the base from the shoemaking process.

The wooden heels nor the finished shoes shown are not included in the sale.

Being sold way below cost.

Listing is for 1 pair of lasts.

Vintage Reproduction Shoe Last for Ruby Red Slippers - Size 5B

  • Items in my shop are not returnable as I make an effort to describe them as accurately as possible alongside detailed photos.